Welcome to Piešťany, prominent European Spa Resort
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Since the 19th century the city of Piešťany belongs to prominent spa resorts in Europe and in the world.

The visitors are attracted by the success in treatment of rheumatism and diseases of locomotion apparatus.

Moreover, Piešťany is a popular recreational resort in Slovakia. It offers wide variety of cultural, social activities and plenty of splendid parks and public greenery. The close surrounding of the city, rich for natural beauties and historical heritage, attracts thousands of hiking and sport fans from all over the world.

The developed area is located in the immediate proximity of the “Spa Island”, the ultimate focal point of Piešťany spa city. The lot is connected to the “Spa Island” by a narrow strip of river Váh, an important source of the healing mud.

The 18-hole golf course is available at the “Spa Island” altogether with wellequipped resort and complex services on hand.

Moreover, the Island provides variety of healing procedures. The best and top-level hotels are located here, including Thermia Palace hotel (recently refurbished has become first five star hotel in Slovakia), which was one of the palaces of the Austrian imperial family. The convenient and immediate pedestrian access to center of the city is provided by means of the existing and proposed bridge connections.

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Project description

The project consists of 79 different plots with area size from 430 to 1150 m², destined for construction of individual family houses or duplexes. Plots are located in cadastral area of Banka, Piešťany. All of the plots include utilities and access asphalt road. Each parcel has its own pavement. You can choose an ideal plot and start building your family house.

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