Welcome to Piešťany, prominent European Spa Resort
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The project is located in an attractive resort area of Piešťany, not far from lake Sĺňava
and river Váh. The surroundings offer you everything you need for sports and relaxation.

The name of the Sĺňava lake is derived from
the many days of sunshine a year. It is ideal
for water sports - canoeing, yachting, windsurfing, boating or fishing.

The lake has a cable ski facility and a dock. Around the dam, there is a 14 km path,
for romantic walks or cycling. 

UNESCO nature reserve - Vtáčí ostrov
is part of the lake. A beautiful view
of the Považský Inovec mountains
and observation tower Červená veža
intensifies the connection with nature.

Piešťany is famous for its top-of-the-range 9-hole course, 10-minute driving distance from the plot.

The project consists of 100 various plots with the area from 457 to 1 300 m2 for development of family houses as well as duplexes. A part of the plots is located in the Piešťany cadastral area, municipality Drahovce. All the plots have utilities and paved access road. Paved footpaths lead to individual plots. Choose your ideal plot